Thursday, 4 December 2014

A wedding in Italy

Pure elegance...

As a wedding planner it is always important to make notes/sketches about a brides special day so that you can make it just right. 
This picture is just a  quick sketch but it reminds me of the simplicity and beauty in a wedding.

This wedding was a very special one that had me doing some research and searching for luxury items from London. 

As a wedding planner I feel it’s very beneficial to get a feel for the brides style. Really understand what she is looking for and make it my mission to find it.

This was the case for this wedding where I chose an English light rose brides maid dress and found the bride to be an exquisite comb in Mayfair.

Moreover, what I really adored about this wedding was all of the handcrafted Italian artisan customized products. 
As you can see, these wonderful boxes were amazingly matched with the style of the dress and the ceremony itself. 

Using these type of products, each bride has something VERY unique on her special day.

On the Wedding Day, 
the bride is absolutely glowing in a beautiful Pronovias dress, 
full of lace that is draped over with a gorgeous long lace veil.

With her four bridesmaids dressed in the lovely rose coloured dresses, and two little girls for the rings and the flowers.

... an elegant and absolutely charming ceremony 
in the same style the reception where everything looks like a dream...



I could have written thousand of words and putting millions of pictures 
 I tried to be concise giving you the taste of this romantic love story...

Gionata & Isabella wedding 7th September 2014

A classy event!

Written with the help of Alex Khalil