Monday, 4 August 2014

The coolest color for your wedding

Hello everyone

Today we will talk about colours... the coolest for your special day!

Brides today are constantly searching for the ‘it colour’ of the year. However, with so many colour choices to choose from a bride can do no wrong. As I normally say, there is nothing right or wrong. It is about what you like or don't, and what is more appropriate or better matched.

Generally, adding colour to your wedding can really add that extra sparkle.

The season you get married in could also affect your colour choice as well as your venue.              

I have always favoured very light colours when a bride gets married. There is something about the light pastels that not only flatter the bride on her special day but also provide a sort of warmth on that special day. 

For example the picture above of the bridesmaids in yellow, really help the bride to stand out. Pulling that colour into your cake, flowers, and pictures makes a great composition for all of your photos as well.

Mint on gold is also very classy, and has been seen recently in vintage shabby chique weddings. 
Here you can see that from the initial invitation to the wedding itself, the bride and groom have pulled together their pallet choice in harmony.

I personally love these you can see from my logo and all the things I generally choose for my social networks and events. But what is important to me is to understand what the couple likes and wants and then give my suggestions. Again guys, there is nothing write or wrong... I like you to feel at ease and perfectly satisfied with your choices and your day!

This last image of teal with yellow also really makes the bride stand out. 

The picture above would make a perfect summer wedding!

When it comes to colour it’s always good to have a colour wheel handy so you can see which colours compliment each other. Don’t be afraid to try add different colours to your special day. You will be surprised at the difference a bit of colour makes.

Show your personality, it is your day!!!!!!

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