Friday, 1 August 2014

Why get married in Italy?

More and more brides are opting for something different for their wedding. 

The traditional home setting has been changed to something we call a destination wedding
Of all the places in my mind I could think of to get married it would have to be ITALY. 

After having a recent chat with some brides to be, I simply wanted to know: why Italy? Italy was chosen not only for it’s amazing location but its links to romance: From Romeo & Juliet in Verona, to a romantic ride in a Venetian gondola. Each bride wants that spark of romance. 

Add to that, beautiful backdrops wherever you go, excellent wine regions, and more important good food! 

Italy is also among the top ten preferred destinations with fascinating and beautiful locations, famous cuisine, art and the professionalism of the operators and suppliers attract couples from all over the world. So the question to ask yourselves is: 

"When will you be planning your destination wedding in Italy?"

If you need more inspiration here are a few pictures below...

So romantic...don't you think?

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